How To Use Google Analytics and Google Search Console


This course introduces the user to Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Learn the differences and advantages of each of these powerful tools and understand how to navigate the interface and extract valuable data that will grow your traffic.



What Is Covered In This Course

I have been fielding questions on Google Analytics and Google Search Console since our team launched The Blogger Collective. There are few platforms that offer as much value and as much confusion as these powerful SEO tools.

This course will break down the differences between each platform and help you understand where each one fits into your SEO journey.

If you have not completed our Introduction to SEO course, I highly recommend that you complete that before you tackle this course.

This Course Covers:

  • The Importance of Analytics
    • Why understanding analytics is so important.
    • What is the difference between Google Analytics and Google Search Console
    • Google vs. other analytics tools
  • Google Analytics
    • How to set up Google Analytics
    • How to use Google Analytics to analyze your web traffic
    • How to measure content performance in Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
    • Why is Google Search Console valuable?
    • How to set up Google Search Console
    • Understanding Google Search Console Terminology
    • How to use Google Search Console

Course Presenter

Kevin Wagar

Kevin Wagar

Kevin Wagar is an entrepreneur, professional travel writer, and photographer, with over 20-years of experience in brand development, advertising, and project development. As a freelance writer and photographer, his work has been covered by outlets such as The Lonely Planet, CBC, Canadian Traveler, Explore Magazine, and more.

Kevin built his Wandering Wagars brand up from 25,000 visitors per month to over 100,000 visitors in just 5 months using his proven SEO strategy. Kevin brings exceptional brand and digital marketing expertise to the group.


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