Introduction to Brand Development for Marketing and Social Media


Personal branding, also known as “Your Brand” is the never-ending process of evolving your blog and social media channels. Your personal brand can make you look attractive to business opportunities which in turn can make you money.



What This Course Will Cover

Our The Blogger Collective Introduction to Branding course is focused on aligning the branding of your platforms (blog, vlog, podcast) with your social media and helping you to realize the value of your platform’s brand.
This course is designed for those who are interested in understanding what branding is in terms of social media and their platforms, understanding the importance of the image presented, and creating a stronger value proposition for eventual income.In this course we will cover:

  • What is your platform’s brand?
  • Why is branding important?
  • How to see social media as an extension of your platform
  • How to align social media channels with your platform
  • How to stay on message when creating your media kit

As we move through the course we will be taking action to ensure that you’re creating the proper and most appropriate branding for your platform through your about page on your site, your social media handles, and your media kit. Whether you’re working on a blog or a podcast, you want to be consistent in your verbiage, voice, and sound.


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