Introduction to Email Marketing


Many people don’t recognize the value of email marketing.

To have the privilege of being in someone’s inbox can be massive both for brand building and for business. In many senses, social media is the public gallery where conversations are had, where email marketing is the conversation you’re having in a more private space. 



Course Outline

The course is organized as follows:

Welcome to the Course

  • About the Course Instructor
  • Why Venture into Email Marketing?

Getting Started with Email Marketing 

  • What Do I Wish I’d Known From the Start?
  • Which Email Marketing Service/Provider Should You Use?
  • Email Length and Consistency
  • What Do You Need to be Weary Of?
  • Next Steps:  Choose Your Platform

What Can You Do With Email Marketing?

  • Welcome Sequences & Automation Sequences
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Products
  • Stats to Be Aware Of / Establishing Benchmarks
  • Next Steps:  Build a Welcome Sequence

Moving Forwards

  • Final commentary

About the Course Instructor

Christopher Mitchell

Christopher Mitchell

Christopher Mitchell is a professional content creator and podcaster. He’s been interested and involved with email marketing for nearly a decade, and currently runs the newsletters for both the travelingmitch and Ultimate Ontario brand.

Beyond that, Chris is also the cofounder of the weekly blogging newsletter, This Week in Blogging. He has expertise in creating automation sequences, affiliate sales, establishing branding through your newsletter, as well as driving traffic and passive income through your newsletter. He’ll cover all of that and more in the course that follows.


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