Understanding and Increasing Your Site Authority


Domain Authority, also known as Site Authority, Page Authority, and Trust Factor is one of the biggest factors when it comes to content rankings. We break down how Domain Authority works and what you can do to boost your content rankings.



What Is Covered In This Course?


Welcome to The Blogger Collective Deep-Dive into Understanding and Increasing your Website Authority. 

This SEO course is designed to be a more involved journey into the mysteries surrounding Domain Authority (DA), which is also sometimes referred to as  Site Authority, Trust, and Page Authority. If you have not taken our Introduction to SEO course, I recommend that you tackle that course first before digging into this one. Some of the topics covered here will assume that you have knowledge of some terminology that is covered in that course.

The topics that we will cover in Understanding Your Site Authority include:

  • Site Authority
    • What is site authority?
    • How does site authority work?
  • How to measure and track your site authority
  • Site authority vs. Page authority
  • How does content factor into site authority?
  • How to improve your site authority
  • How to develop a long-term content strategy to improve your site authority

Course Presenters

Kevin Wagar

Kevin Wagar is a professional travel writer and content creator who began his career in 2015 after a 20-year career working in brand development and digital marketing with a focus on designing multi-use of Worpdress strategies for multi-billion dollar companies. With a strong focus on SEO, he was able to grow his Wandering Wagars website from 25,000 sessions per month to over 100,000 sessions per month in less than 5 months. Kevin is a co-founder of The Blogger Collective, and partners with Christopher Mitchell as a founder of the Ultimate Ontario brand.

Christopher Mitchell

Christopher Mitchell is a former teacher, award-winning travel writer, and creator of the brand Traveling Mitch as well as one of the founders of The Blogger Collective. Chris also runs several content brands including his popular “I’m Anxious About podcast focused on mental health and Ultimate Ontario, a local experiences community that he runs with co-presenter Kevin Wagar.


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